Commercial Phase II Environmental Site Assessments –
British Columbia

The focus is an intrusive investigation that follows from the findings of a Phase I ESA. When the Phase I ESA reveals potential sources of contamination, a Phase II ESA is undertaken to verify or refute the sources of subsurface contamination identified. This is done by sampling and analyses of soil and groundwater. In Canada, Phase II ESAs are usually conducted in accordance with the Canadian Standards Association (CSA) Z-769-00 environmental protocol.

The typical scope of work may include:

  • Surface and subsurface soil sampling, groundwater and surface water sampling, soil vapour analysis (along with laboratory analysis), sediment sampling, collection of plant or aquatic species samples
  • Chemical analysis of samples for relevant parameters;
  • Surveying the site and establishing inferred groundwater flow direction;
  • Determining the appropriate criteria to which the results must be compared;
  • Interpretation of data, possibly including modeling, qualitative risk assessment, or development of a Conceptual Site Model;
  • Preparation of a clear, comprehensive report documenting the findings and presenting a conclusion regarding the environmental condition of the site.

The result of the Phase II ESA is the determination of the need for a remedial work plan."

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