Wetland Assessment Services

Wetlands are lands saturated with water long enough to promote the formation of water altered soils, growth of water tolerant vegetation, and various kinds of biological activity that are adapted to a wet environment (Alberta Wetland Policy 2013).  Wetlands play a fundamental role in water quality, biodiversity, carbon sequestration, drought relief and have a recreational value.  Over the years the Alberta Government has realized the importance of these multifunctional ecosystems and have developed policies to further recognize and protect these systems. 

For any activities affecting a waterbody requires an application under the Alberta’s Water Act.  Detailed assessments of the wetland regarding species composition and boundaries should be carried through by an Interim Wetland Science Practitioner (IWSP) prior to submission of a Water Act approval.  With Basin Environmental you will have trained Environmental Professionals which can provide detailed assessments and completion/submission of notifications and applications.

Basin Environmental provides the following fully integrated wetland services: 

  • Wetland Assessment and Impact Form (WAIF) and Wetland Assessment and Impact Report (WAIR)
  • Wetland identification and delineation
  • Wetland classification under the Alberta Wetland Classification System
  • Historical aerial wetland review 
  • Vegetation and rare plant surveys
  • Hydrological assessments
  • Alberta Wetland Rapid Evaluation Tool (ABWRET), wetland score determination
  • Wildlife assessments
  • Wetland policy alignment and implementation in the planning process
  • Guidance regarding wetland avoidance, minimization, and replacement
  • Wetland replacement proposals
  • Reclamation commitments
  • Compensation applications
  • Regulatory application assistance 
  • Public Land review submissions
  • Water Act submissions

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