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Basin Environmental Ltd. (Basin) provides Phase I Environmental Site Assessment (ESA) services to oil and gas, industrial and commercial industries within Alberta.   

Phase I Environmental Site Assessment

Phase I Environmental Site Assessment’s are a non-intrusive site investigation designed to assess the environmental condition of a site and/or building(s).  It assesses the risk of potential environmental liability at a property associated with current or historical activities at the site and neighboring properties.  It includes a historical review, site visit and personal interviews.

The typical scope of our Alberta Phase I Environmental Site Assessments includes the following:

  • A review of current title as well as historical title search.
  • A review of current/historical aerial photographs.
  • A request submitted to the Government of Alberta regarding reported spills, storage tanks, and other environmental information available for the subject site and surround area.
  • A review of the National Pollutant Release Inventory database for any pollutant releases within the vicinity of the subject site.
  • Completion of a site inspection to identify potential concerns on the property.
  • Interview with the current owner of the property.
  • Preparation of a report documenting the findings, conclusions, and recommendations arising from the study.

The final report follows the Canadian Standards Association (CSA) document “Z768-01 Phase I Environmental Site Assessment”, dated November 2001 in addition follows the Stage I Environmental Site Assessment as per Alberta’s regulatory requirements.  Environmental Site Assessments assist in reducing uncertainty about potential environmental liabilities and in making informed decisions about property transactions.  Our client base includes energy companies, realtors, property developers, lending institutions and business owners. 

A Phase I ESA does not include the collection or laboratory analyses of samples of soil, groundwater, or other materials; these activities are associated with Phase II Environmental Site Assessments.  

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Phase II Environmental Site Assessment

The focus is an intrusive investigation that follows from the findings of a Phase I ESA. When the Phase I ESA reveals potential sources of contamination, a Phase II ESA is undertaken to verify or refute the sources of subsurface contamination identified. This is done by sampling and analyses of soil and groundwater. In Canada, Phase II ESAs are usually conducted in accordance with the Canadian Standards Association (CSA) Z-769-00 environmental protocol. 

The typical scope of work may include:

  • Surface and subsurface soil sampling, groundwater and surface water sampling, soil vapour analysis (along with laboratory analysis), sediment sampling, collection of plant or aquatic species samples
  • Chemical analysis of samples for relevant parameters;
  • Surveying the site and establishing inferred groundwater flow direction;
  • Determining the appropriate criteria to which the results must be compared;
  • Interpretation of data, possibly including modeling, qualitative risk assessment, or development of a Conceptual Site Model;
  • Preparation of a clear, comprehensive report documenting the findings and presenting a conclusion regarding the environmental condition of the site.
  • The result of the Phase II ESA is the determination of the need for a remedial work plan."

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Phase III Environmental Site Assessment

A phase III Environmental Site Assessment is usually the next course of action when contamination is confirmed present at a Site. 

The typical scope of work may include:

  • Determination of the volume of contaminated soil or groundwater
  • Investigation to determine the pathways of contamination movement
  • Development of a remediation plan to remove and dispose of contaminated material
  • Return the Site to as close to its original state at the conclusion of the project
  • Prepare a factual report outlining the work conducted and the confirmation of the contamination removed.

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