Renewable Energy Environmental Assessments & Applications

Basin Environmental Ltd. provides comprehensive environmental services to navigate regulatory requirements for power generation and electrical utilities. Our environmental capabilities support coal and natural gas power generation, transmission and distribution infrastructure, and renewable power generation, including wind, solar and hydroelectric.

The Alberta Utilities Commission (AUC) regulates gas, electric, and water utilities including solar energy projects pursuant to the Gas Utilities Act, Hydro and Electric Energy Act and Alberta Utilities Commission Act. The AUC is charged to protect social, economic, and environmental interests of Alberta when considering these projects.

AUC Rule 007: Applications for Power Plants, Substations, Transmission Lines, and Industrial System Designations. Applicants for power plants 1MW or greater are required to contact Alberta Environment and Parks (AEP) to determine if an Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) is required (not mandatory) and to refer the application to AEP – Fish and Wildlife Division for sign-off.

A biophysical reconnaissance allows the proponent to potentially avoid all impacts to sensitive biological resources (including wetlands), thereby avoiding the permitting process.  Conversely the proponent may wish to identify issues prior to development so that they can work to avoid them, thereby reducing the time and money associated with the environmental permitting of the proposed development.

Our services range from project planning, right‑of‑way routing support, environmental assessments (wetland, wildlife, etc.), and regulatory permitting. Basin also provides facility construction monitoring, modelling, and management of air emissions.

Electrical utilities and power services:

  • Assessment, remediation & reclamation
  • Environmental permitting & approvals
  • Environmental compliance monitoring
  • Annual reporting

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