Aggregate Development

Basin provides the following consulting services for aggregate development for both Private and Public gravel operations:

Exploration, material testing, and SME Approvals

  • Obtain Surface Material Exploration (SME) approvals,

  • Obtain Surface Materials License (SMC) approvals;

  • Exploration and Material Testing,

    • SME/SMC planning, mapping, and environmental management;

    • Aggregate Analysis (Resource Quantity and Quality Estimates). 

Reporting, SML Approvals (Public Land), Registration Approvals (Private Land)

  • Complete Conservation Operation Reclamation Plans ([CORP], formally known as a CRBP) or Activity Plans for Class I Pits (including 10-year CORP renewals, and 5-year Plans).

  • Basin has the in-house capacity to complete:

    • Wildlife surveys;

    • Fisheries assessments; 

    • Wetland assessments; 

    • Vegetation and soil surveys; 

    • Hydrological assessments; and, 

    • Advanced GIS mapping to develop pit plans, cross-sections, and pre-post construction overviews.

  • Obtain Water Act Approvals/License to facilitate aggregate extraction (impact wetlands, divert water, end pit lake designs, etc.)

  • Complete yearly compliance monitoring.

  • We work closely with industry regarded hydrogeological consultants, archeological consultants, and surveyors.

  • We can provide assistance with disposition applications, such as SME, SML, DLO (etc.) by assisting with:

    • First Nations Consultation;

    • Historic Resource Impact Assessments;

    • Working with surveyors to complete sketch plans, plan confirmations, etc.

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