Aquatics & Fisheries Assessments

Fish and fish habitat are a finite resource and may be adversely impacted by project activities that occur in and around water (Federal Fisheries Act 2014). Basin’s experienced Qualified Aquatic Environmental Specialists (QAES) and Qualified Environmental Professionals (QEP) can provide a wide range of aquatic and fisheries assessment services that follow provincial and federal standards and regulations throughout Alberta and British Columbia.  We have extensive experience providing these services to our clients:

Aquatic Assessments

  • Watercourse crossing assessments
  • Riparian area assessments
  • Instream flow surveys
  • Beaver dam removals
  • Benthic invertebrate surveys

Fisheries Assessments

  • Fish habitat assessments
  • Fish inventories
  • Fish population recovery monitoring
  • Presence/absence surveys
  • Fish salvages

Water Quality Monitoring

  • Instream construction monitoring (open water & winter)
  • Turbidity and TSS sampling and monitoring

Habitat Restoration & Compensation

  • Project design, implementation and effectiveness monitoring
  • Fish habitat restoration
  • Habitat compensation
  • Riparian planting prescriptions

Permits and Approvals

  • Code of Practice Notifications
  • Water Act Approvals /Notifications
  • Fisheries and Oceans Project Review /Authorizations
  • Transport Canada Navigable Waters Applications

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