Environmental Planning

Environmental planning is integral to successful and sustainable project development. Our integrated services, complimented by our close working relationship with government regulators, clients and affected 3rd parties, ensures your projects are effectively managed and are completed on schedule. With our quality driven and cost conscious approach, Basin provides you with the best value.

Pre-Development Approvals

Our experienced and proficient staff is experienced in working through the regulatory processes and obtaining the approvals needed prior to the disturbance of natural areas within Alberta. We have extensive experience managing and providing these services to our clients:

Services to the Oil & Gas Sector

  • Project management and subcontractor coordination
  • Enhanced Approval Process (EAP) Supplements / Landscape Analysis Tool (LAT)
  • Environmental Field Report (EFR)
  • Pre-Disturbances Site Assessments
  • Environmental Assessments (EA) Reports on federal / IOGC lands
  • Special Areas Environmental Reports (ER)
  • Temporary Field Authorization (TFA)
  • First Nation Consultation
  • Timber Evaluation Surveys
  • Ecosite Classification
  • Watercourse Crossing Assessment
  • Water Act Approvals / Notification
  • Conservation and Business Reclamation Plans (CRBP)
  • Permafrost Protection Plan (PPP)
  • Remote Sump Soil Sampling
  • Rare Plant Surveys 

Oil & Gas Sector Services in Saskatchewan

  • Private Land Checklist (PLC), Project Proposal, Project Proposal & Restoration Plans, and Environmental Protection Plans (EPP)

Other Sectors Services

  • Environmental Field Report (EFR)
  • Topsoil and Vegetation Surveys
  • Biophysical Impact Assessments (BIA) for municipal developments
  • Phase I Environmental Site Assessments (ESA)
  • Surface Materials Exploration (SME)

Site Construction and Development

Basin staff can provide on-site support to ensure sites are built properly to ensure ideal conditions for reclamation. We have extensive experience managing and providing these services to our clients:

  • Construction Supervision
  • Environmental Monitoring

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If you would like to discuss a potential project and/or receive a detailed quote please contact the Basin Environmental Team at 587-269-1180 or darcy@basinenvironmental.ca.

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